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Mike Oliver CPA LLC

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Our clients say it much better than we can.  We thank you for your continued confidence in us.

Business Services

"It’s great to work with a CPA firm that is so responsive to us and our unique needs.  With rules and regulations always changing, I appreciate their proactive expertise in tax planning and their particular attention to the various services they provide, such as payroll.   Having the accessibility of a local family business with experience in today’s complex business climate is invaluable.  I trust Mike Oliver and his staff and value them as an asset to me and my practice."  --  Family, Cosmetic, & Implant Dentistry

Real Estate

"Mike Oliver has been a great help over the last 10 years handling our personal and 3 business tax returns. Highly recommend for professional services. Not certain we could do it without their team! -- "Real Estate Investor"

QuickBooks Consulting

 "The Oliver CPA Firm is an asset to our company.  Their understanding of QuickBooks and our detailed accounting procedures enable us to make informed business decisions.  We have had other firms, but Mike has provided consulting services that have added value to our business." -- President, Multi-Corporation Aviation Business   

Peace of Mind

 "Since we retained the firm of Mike Oliver CPA, I have been able to concentrate on the task of running my business and improving my community without worrying about bookkeeping, taxes, and financial statements. His team takes care of this for me with a smooth and steady flow of information and advice that serves the specific needs of our board of directors." -- Manager, Membership Organization

Knowledge and Responsiveness

"Because of his knowledge of our business and our unique industry, Mike Oliver has been able to go beyond the traditional CPA firm’s services to advise us on matters such as managing cash flow, job costing, and internal financial reporting.  He has even advised us on personnel and customer relations issues." -- CEO, Project Management Company

Payroll Automation and Business Support

"Our payroll fluctuates greatly by season.  We had been writing our paychecks by hand, taking hours and costing us money.  Mike was able to spec out a computer for our business and install QuickBooks, setting up our employee files, so we could spend more time growing our business and less time performing tasks that cost us money." -- President, Instruction Services Company

A Well-Connected Team

"We have known the office staff of Mike Oliver for many years.  They are knowledgeable, responsive, and able to give us the service that we need to manage our business.  When we needed to make changes to our accounting method, it was a smooth transition" -- President, Education Center