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Mike Oliver CPA LLC

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Meet Our Team Mike Oliver CPA LLC, CPA

Mike Oliver

Certified Public Accountant
Founding Partner and President

“Building a relationship with our clients that is rooted in the character of integrity and the chemistry of community, that takes work ... but it is the most rewarding part of what we do.”

Mike graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in 1993 and has been a CPA since 1994. After starting his accounting career in the Dallas office of Deliotte, he then founded his firm in 1995. Shortly thereafter he acquired a construction services company, and after adding two partners and growing from four employees to more than 50, he sold that company in 2003 to focus completely on public accounting. During his career, he has gained experience in a wide range of industries including real estate, mergers and acquisitions, high net worth individuals, and oil & gas. His business experiences outside of public accounting gives him an edge in that he truly understands his clients' perspectives.

"Relationships are more lasting than transactions," Mike knows from experience.  "We will make the most impact for our clients and community when we realize that even though planning, leadership, and daily commitment to our goals is essential to success, creating an environment  that encourages relationships with our clients and within our team is how we will be remembered.  Our clients will know that we care when we respond to their needs in a proactive way, and then deliver on an excellent client experience."  

Mike and his wife Christy (who also works at the firm) have two children, their daughter a graduate of the University of Arkansas – Go Hogs! and their son who studies engineering and is on the golf team at Union University in Jackson Tennessee – Go Bulldogs! Living in Poetry Texas, they cherish family and serve in their church and local ministries.

Meet Our Team Mike Oliver CPA LLC, CPA

Tiffany Thornburg

Certified Public Accountant
Partner, Vice President of Client Services

Tiffany graduated from Sam Houston State. She has served as a Controller and Chief Financial Officer, and she joined our team in 2013. Having a wide range of accounting, tax, and leadership experience, she oversees what we call “Team Tiffany” that serves businesses and individuals in our client community.

Tiffany and her husband have three kids, one in college at Texas Tech, and the other two shortly behind. At the office, the party doesn’t start until Tiffany gets there, especially if you want to discuss the Dallas Cowboys.

Meet Our Team Mike Oliver CPA LLC, CPA

Jessica Lopez

Senior Tax Team Manager

A graduate of Stephen F. Austin, Jessica has a knack to tackle some of the more intricate and specialized transactions of tax reporting and one is of the best researchers around. She is currently completing her work to become a Certified Public Accountant and serves the business, trust and estate, and real estate clients of our firm. Fluent in Spanish, she joined our team in 2018.

Jessica and her husband have two children, and on the weekends when they are not recovering from work and parenting, she plays the bass in the band at her church. She loves cooking, and yes, tamales, she supplies us all with the best tamales that are always in our office fridge.

Meet Our Team Mike Oliver CPA LLC, CPA

Ryan Paige

Client Servcies: Accounting and Tax Solutions

Ryan received his undergraduate degree from University of Texas at Arlington and Masters Degree in accounting from the University of Dallas. Currently working through the process of becoming a Certified Public Accountant, Ryan has served in two CPA firms prior to coming on board with us in 2018 and is the tax and accounting force for our Client Services Team.

We call him "Mr. Producer" because he’s a member of the Writers Guild of America, and in his free time enjoys all things related to the silver screen. From Jimmy Stewart to Steven Spielberg, Ryan is our resident movie expert and historian. He and his wife have two children.

Meet Our Team Mike Oliver CPA LLC, CPA

Samantha Mendoza

Client Services: Project and Systems Coordinator

Samantha oversees our systems and software, and she prides herself on efficient implementation and integration of our processes. Joining us in 2017, she serves on our Client Services team and works in all aspects of our firm, including QuickBooks, payroll, tax, and accounting.

It always smells like a spa in her office, which is why she seems to be cool calm and collected. She and her husband have two young kids, so when away from work she is either at cheer practice, tumbling, or chasing around her rambunctious little boy. Considering all of her activities, when you come by to see her, she wouldn’t mind if you brought some coffee.

Meet Our Team Mike Oliver CPA LLC, CPA

Kevin Oliver

Accounting and Tax: Management Solutions 

The problems faced by our clients are solved more and more often, not with classic accounting solutions, but by developing and utilizing advances in computers and technology. That’s where Kevin comes in. With the firm since 2005 and now as a consultant, Kevin has been around the block a few times, giving him the ability to get right to the bottom line … to find the solution.

Yes, Kevin and Mike are brothers, and even though they sound the same on the phone, it’s obvious who is the old man of the two since Kevin still has his hair. But that may be falling out soon, since he and his wife Angela (who has also worked at the firm) have three small kids. When they aren’t trying to catch up on sleep, you may find Kevin around Dallas playing high notes on his trumpet with local bands and Angela working in her photography studio.

Meet Our Team Mike Oliver CPA LLC, CPA

Dale Stolman

Accounting and Tax: Special Projects

Dale graduated from Stephen F. Austin in 1999 and has worked with us since 2011. He is our consultant in the mechanics and functions of QuickBooks and Excel, and his specialty is taking detailed information and turning it into understandable financial reports. 

Dale and his wife have been married for more than 20 years and enjoy their annual family trips to the Magic Kingdom and the beach. He loves to cook (his wife loves that) and when not at work, spends most of his time volunteering at his kids’ school as a member of the School Board. Is there a field trip that he has missed? Only two - the first one he missed because he didn't know that parents could go and the second, it was on April 15th, and he had to draw the line somewhere.

Meet Our Team Mike Oliver CPA LLC, CPA

Christy Oliver

Client Concierge

Christy graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in speech therapy and music. After years of Mike’s subtle arm-twisting, Christy joined the firm in 2015 after teaching music at Rockwall Heritage Christian Academy. She loves the relationship side of what we do, especially communicating and interacting with our clients and community. She is the one who holds it all together during the Spring tax season (especially for Mike).

Christy and Mike have been married for more than 27 years, and when she is not at the office, she is following their son’s golf tournaments, enjoying time with their daughter and son in law, and serving in local ministries (she is also an accomplished pianist and vocal coach although she would never let us say it). Christy has a soft spot for her rescue horses, Max the Donkey, and the rest of the “zoo” on their property.