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Mike Oliver CPA LLC

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As entrepreneurs all over the world have turned to QuickBooks for their accounting needs, many have found that keeping up with payroll taxes, bookkeeping, financial statements, and banking requirements is still a burden.  Even with QuickBooks, taxes and accounting are still time consuming burdens, taking away from your productivity as an entrepreneur.  Let us remove that burden from you, as we create for you real time financial reporting.

QuickBooks Customer Support

Many of our clients take care of their own accounting needs in-house using QuickBooks.  However, from time to time they depend on us for customer support and to answer questions.  This allows our clients to call on us with any need related to using QuickBooks instead of calling a call center for technical support. 

We want our clients to call us with their questions and not feel like we turn on the “billing clock.” This way we have the best opportunity to stay ahead and plan for the future.

As a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we are your customer support department for all of your QuickBooks needs.  Whether we are your entire accounting department or share roles with you, we can tailor a specific service for your specific needs:
  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Tools for payroll & tracking employee time
  • Multiple User Access (with purchase of additional copies)
  • Print checks, pay bills & track sales & expenses
  • Create estimates, invoices & reports
  • Works with Microsoft® Office
  • Download credit card & bank transactions
  • Track inventory, set reorder points & create purchase orders
  • Advanced features track costs for assembled products & inventory
  • Create business plan & sales/expense forecasts

With our firm and QuickBooks, your real time information is at your fingertips.